How to Do a Regular Footed Kickflip?

Answer Doing a regular footed kickflip is probably the most basic flip trip in skateboarding. Yet it is simultaneously the trickiest to get used to.

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How to Do a One Footed Casper?

One footed caspers are wicked cool to learn, and a great way to impress your friends. Here's how.

How to Do a No Footed Can Can on a Bike?

A no-footed can-can is an impressive trick but not the hardest

How to Do a 360 Kickflip?

The 360 kickflip or Tre flip is one of the more advanced skateboarding tricks. You should already know kickflips , Varial kickflips and 360 pop shuv-its.

How to Kickflip 50 50?

These steps will show you how to do a kickflip 50-50.