How to Do a Rear Pull Up?

Answer The pull-up sometimes called a chin-up is an exercise that targets the Latissimus Dorsi muscles as well as many other attendant muscles without the need for specialized equipment. The rear pull-up ... Read More »

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Can a Bent Rear Rim Cause a Car to Pull?

Wheel rims need to be as perfectly round as possible when machined so the vehicle can have a smooth, comfortable ride. Any defect or bend in any of the rims can cause various other problems with th... Read More »

How to Pull the Rear Axle on a Yamaha Rhino?

The Yamaha Rhino is a popular off-road vehicle, made to carry multiple people off the trail. These Rhinos are 4X4 vehicles, and they have an independent suspension with four individual axles. These... Read More »

How to Pull the Rear Axle Out of a 1987 Ford Truck?

Whether your 1987 Ford truck is a van, pickup, Bronco, one ton, half-ton or ¾-ton pickup, four wheel drive or two wheel drive, the steps to remove the truck's rear axle are the same. Each of these... Read More »

Did I pull a muscle Or did I almost pull one?

Yeah you probably mildly pulled it. If you can walk and jump and everything, you'll probably be fine within a week. If it hurts, take pain relievers. Take it easy with the stretches for awhile and ... Read More »