How to Do a Pop Shove It on a Fingerboard?

Answer This article will help you do a pop shove it on a finger board. This is a relatively easy trick to complete.

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How to Pop Shove It?

The pop shuvit is just a shuvit combined with an ollie, so the board spins 180 in the air. You don't spin with the board, but watch it.

How to Know Which Fingerboard to Buy?

Knowing which fingerboard to buy isn't a very hard task but it's useful to have an idea before looking.

How to Fingerboard?

A fingerboard is a mini, 96-mm skateboard that you do tricks on with 2 fingers. If you ever want to skate but can't, consider purchasing a fingerboard - available at Walmart, Toys R Us and Target.

How to Be a Fingerboard Pro?

This article will tech you how to become a professional at fingerboarding.