How to Do a Pinky Break?

Answer A pinky break is the trick used by card magicians to mark the spot in a deck of cards where the trick card is sitting. It is a very basic and useful trick for many card tricks, so any aspiring card... Read More »

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How can I break my pinky ?

Do not try to break anything please. Im currently injured from ACCIDENTLY falling off a curb, it hurts and I've been in the same position were i've wanted to break something. You'll get over it. Ju... Read More »

How do you break your pinky knuckle?

well hit it as hard as you can and hit the very tip of it otherwise it will just hurt.

Did i break or fracture my pinky knuckle?

Sounds like you have a fracture in your knuckle.

Did I break my pinky Won't bend straight?

Hard to say, but it sure sounds like you broke it. You need to go to a doctor to have it looked at. If you don't the bone could grow back together crooked. If this happens the doctor actually has t... Read More »