How to Do a No Handed Jump on a Bike?

Answer Doing a no-hander on a bike seems easy, but its all in how you prepare for the trick.

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How to Ride No Handed on a Bike?

Riding without hands can be a fun and exciting thing to do, but it can also be dangerous if you don't practice and stay alert!

I'm a beginner motorcyclist and pretty got handed a 1100cc bike. Is this bad?

I hope you got the deal you think you got. Not a bike I would expect a 'rich ruy' to own. 1100cc and liquid cooled sounds impressive, but the thing has horsepower in the low 40's, that's the same... Read More »

How to Do a Jump on a Bike?

When trying to do a jump on a push bike, it is very important to wear a helmet and start off small. It is bad to start of big because you have no experience and could hurt yourself really badly.

How to Jump on a Bike?

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