How to Do a Mosher on a Skateboard in a Half Pipe?

Answer Go up a half pipe with only one foot.

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How to Half Cab Pivot on a Skateboard?

A half-cab pivot is a combination of a half-cab (i.e. a fakie-180) and a pivot. This article will show you how to do this skateboard trick.

How to Drop in on a Half Pipe?

If you want to be able to skate in a skate park, the first thing you have to learn how to do is drop in. It also helps if you know someone who skates and can help you learn and tell you what you ar... Read More »

Looking to build a half pipe?

its 1/2 of a 360 deg circle or 180 deg plywood will cost you a bundle,

Who invented the half pipe?

Tom Stewart invented the half pipe in Encinitas, California in 1975. Not long after he built the first half pipe, Stewart established Rampage, Inc., a company that designed and developed skateboard... Read More »