How to Do a Moonwalk Spin?

Answer To spin like Michael Jackson used to in some music videos of his is like doing the moonwalk. Seems hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy as pie.1. put your feet together 2. bend... Read More »

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Why does my Ge washing machine not spin on the spin cycle at all?

On the edge of the lid opposite the hinge there should be a small plastic pin. This pushes down of a switch that controls the spin. When you open the lid the spin stops so you can't reach in and ge... Read More »

My washing machine will not spin during spin cycle.?

Next time include name and model of washer along with a good description of problem. As it is ==I would take a putty knife and "pop" the deck lid up. Look for your lid switch == do you see 2 wires ... Read More »

How to Do the Moonwalk Forwards?

Chances are you have seen reversed videos of Michael Jackson performing a moonwalk, but is a reverse moonwalk, let alone a smooth reverse moonwalk smoothly physically possible? In fact, it is.

Who wrote moonwalk?

Michael Jackson collaborated on the book "Moonwalk" with ghost writer Stephen Davis, who spent over eight months interviewing the pop star. It is a New York Times number one best seller. The book i... Read More »