How to Do a Modified (Abridged) Push Up?

Answer As simple as push-ups appear to be, they can be very difficult for some people, because they don't have the muscle tone necessary to push up their body weight. Females in particular have been known... Read More »

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What does abridged fiction mean?

To abridge is to shorten without sacrificing overall sense, according to Merriam-Webster. In literary terms, an abridged book is one that has been condensed, but is relatively the same in content.R... Read More »

What does"abridged"mean on audiobooks?

An abridged audiobook (or print book) is a shorter version of the original book. The author usually approves the abridged version. Print books were sometimes shortened for book clubs, such as the R... Read More »

What does abridged mean on audiobooks?

An abridged audiobook has been edited or condensed to reduce its run time. This allows the listener to finish the book in a shorter period of time. Sometimes this is drastic; other times it is mino... Read More »

Are Kindle books abridged?

According to, Kindle books are full-version books in e-book format. They are not abridged. It should be noted, however, that some used have stated that they have purchased books th... Read More »