How to Do a Manual on a Skateboard?

Answer Manualing is pretty easy after you get practice and know how to balance.

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How to Manual on a Skateboard?

A manual is just a wheelie on a skateboard with the front wheels off the ground. It's a simple trick and is a good trick for beginners.

How to Monkey Manual on a Skateboard?

The "Monkey Manual" is a freestyle trick in a way.It's a handy trick to learn for extreme turning on a skateboard.You can do it anywhere where the ground is smooth and where you feel comfortable.

How to Do a Manual to FS Pivot on a Skateboard?

These instructions will help the skateboarder who has mastered manualing already. Have a thorough knowledge of the basics, as this is an intermediate trick.

How to One Foot Manual on a Skateboard?

The one foot manual is just a manual with the back foot and the front foot hanging off.