How to Do a Makeshift Ollie on a Techdeck?

Answer All people who are frustrating to get your Ollie correct on a Tech Deck, read this!

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How to Ollie on a Techdeck?

Have you just gotten your first fingerboard?Well here's how to do the ollie,which is the basis of many tricks.

How to Do a Cheat Ollie on a Techdeck?

This is a very bad way to do an ollie on a fingerboard or techdeck.

How to Do a 5 0 on a Techdeck?

A 5-0 is basically a manual while grinding. Want to learn how to pull off this totally rad trick? Read on!

How to Do a Kickflip on a Paper Techdeck?

If you've got ollies down, try kickflips. They are much fun and they look better than a ollie. If you want to be cool, this will help to. Lots of people who are cool do this kind of thing, so It'll... Read More »