How to Do a Log Problem Using Ti-83?

Answer A logarithm is an exponent. Logarithms with base 10 are known as "common logarithms," and logarithms with base n are known as "natural logarithms." If the base is not indicated, a base of 10 is imp... Read More »

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Problem using PS Vita?

Maybe you should ask an expert. Good luck. ☺

Problem connecting to wifi using iOS 6?

FIX:Settings > Wi-Fi > (Network...) > "Blue Circle Arrow"Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and set:HTTP Proxy to Auto

Well i m having a problem using my usb?

Your pendive must be corrupted,because of virus(most probbly Trojan win 32)Go to my computer,in the address bar,you will see address:my computer.In case you are confused with adress bar.Then In the... Read More »

Any problem using aluminum pots as planters?

Keep in mind that aluminum is not porous so it will affect evaporation. Aluminum is metal so it will retain heat and cold depending on conditions. Personally, I wouldn't suggest it.