How to Do a Jazz Square in Dance?

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How are jazz dance&jazz music connected?

Jazz has remained a popular musical and dance style because of its ability to reflect cultural changes while holding on to its original flair. Jazz music and jazz dance originate from the simple de... Read More »

Colleges for Jazz Dance?

If you're a jazz enthusiast and also enjoy dancing, you might want to consider dedicating your life to performing, choreographing and teaching jazz dance. There are various colleges offering degree... Read More »

How to Dress for a Jazz Dance Class?

Leaps and jumps are to be expected in a jazz classIf you are wondering what will be stylish AND comfortable to wear to a jazz dance class, this is definitely the place to look. Jazz dance is soooo ... Read More »

History of Jazz Dance in America?

Jazz dance was one of the many art forms that came out of the Harlem Renaissance during the 1920s in America. The large population of African-Americans migrating from the South to Harlem after Worl... Read More »