How to Do a Home French Tip Manicure?

Answer A French tip manicure gives nails a modest yet clean and professional look. Basic French manicures consist of nail beds painted with pink, nude or clear nail polish. The tips of the nails are then ... Read More »

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How to get a French Manicure at home?

You do not have to go to the salon to get French Manicure Does this Spark an idea?

How to Do Your Own French Manicure at Home?

A French manicure gives your nails a classy, polished finish that pairs well with any look. The classic French manicure involves white nail tips and either a clear or pink nail bed. If price is an ... Read More »

DIY Half Moon Manicure French Manicure Stickers?

The half-moon manicure ranks high on today's nail-trend watch. A reversed version of the classic french manicure, the half-moon manicure features two complimentary nail polish colors that create a ... Read More »

How to Use a French Manicure Pen?

French manicures are a special kind of manicure where only the tips are painted, instead of the whole nail. Classic French manicures are done using white polish, but you can use almost any color of... Read More »