How to Do a Handover in an Office?

Answer Giving handover is a crucial activity. It is important to give a proper handover because it may have implications on your career.

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How to Write a Handover Report?

Handover reports are used in a variety of fields and cover a variety of situations. They are a basic tool used by an employee in a particular position to inform the incoming or replacement employee... Read More »

Isn't it better to handover rail reservation counter to IRCTC to provide us better service?

Indian Reservation Counter are in state that some reservation clerk are very Helpful,Cooperative and very Fast in Booking.and others are very rude,non cooperative it's the mentality of Clerk... Read More »

How do you convince your mom that your not cutting yourself Someone at school says I am and she told the office but shes lying and my mom believes the office?

Answer Unfortunately, for whatever reason, your mother has chosen to believe the office instead of you. Even if you've had a history of cutting, the focus should be that you're not cutting yo... Read More »

How to Use Office 2003 Menus and Toolbars in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010?

Classic Menu for OfficeBoth Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 has embedded a new interface Ribbon, a panel that deploys and organizes all the commands as a set of tabs. In Microsoft Office 2007, the R... Read More »