How to Do a Gymnast's Front Limber?

Answer a back bendKnowing how to do a handstand to a bridge (and get up) is an essential skill for any gymnast. This skill was a part of the old U.S.A.G routine for level 4 gymnasts. Learning it will incr... Read More »

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How to Do a Front Limber?

A front limber is the building block for front walkovers and front handsprings. If you need help or want to learn a front limber, keep reading.

How to Do a Front Limber in Gymnastics?

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How gymnasts do a full twist?

Gymnasts but mainly Cheerleaders throw full twists. To do need to have a PERFECT layout. Or at least a very good one. You start the same as you would for a layout. Once you are in the ai... Read More »

When was"The Gymnasts"published by Elizabeth Levy?

Scholastic published "The Beginners," the first book in the "Gymnasts" series by Elizabeth Levy, in 1988. The series lasted for 20 books, ending with "Go for the Gold" in 1992.Source:Brief Biograph... Read More »