How to Do a Grid?

Answer A grid is a system of coordinates consisting of vertical and horizontal perpendicular lines that create square units spaced equidistantly. Creating grids requires appropriate numbering of positive ... Read More »

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What is a grid tie?

A grid tie is a device that allows an independent power source, such as solar panels or a geothermal system, to work with a municipal power grid, drawing additional power from the grid or selling e... Read More »

Why is a grid necessary to map?

Grids are necessary on maps if you want to find a specific location on the map quickly and accurately. If you are looking for a particular place, and have reference numbers for the horizontal grid ... Read More »

What does"getting off the grid"mean?

The phrase "getting off the grid" refers to anyone having total and complete freedom from having water, gas and electric bills. Living "off the grid" is a way to be self-sufficient by providing you... Read More »

What is a grid on a map?

Grid systems on a map define a location using an x, y coordinate system. The most common grid is the geographic system, which uses longitude and latitude degrees. The State Plane Coordinate System,... Read More »