How to Do a Full Twist Backflip?

Answer Aerial maneuvers are elements commonly used both in gymnastics floor routines as well as cheerleading routines. The full twist backflip is a variation on the standard backflip in which the performe... Read More »

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How to Do a Backflip With a 540 Twist?

It is quite impressive to successfully pull a back flip with a complete rotation. One and a half is an even more difficult feat, but with proper training, it can be done.

How gymnasts do a full twist?

Gymnasts but mainly Cheerleaders throw full twists. To do need to have a PERFECT layout. Or at least a very good one. You start the same as you would for a layout. Once you are in the ai... Read More »

How to Do a Frontflip With a Full Twist in Gymnastics?

Before you attempt a front full, you must be able to do a good front layout. The best way to learn a front full is by using a tramp. There are different ways to do this skill, but for a non-gymnast... Read More »

How to Hit a Backflip?

Learning how to do a backflip can open up opportunities for you as a gymnast or dancer, or improve your physical abilities. Incorporate backflips into gymnastic routines on the floor or balance bea... Read More »