How to Do a Full Circular Motion on a PS3 Controller for "2K10"?

Answer If you want to perform a special slam-dunk in the game "NBA 2K10," you will need to master the control sequence that makes such a move possible. In order to deliver a signature dunk, you must compl... Read More »

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How to Do Dreads With Circular Motion?

There are several methods available to create dreadlocks. Back combing, allowing the dreads to form naturally and braiding will all create the wild, knotted appearance of dreadlocks. Another quick ... Read More »

How to Move Your Hand Back in a Circular Motion?

Wrist injuries like fractures require immobilization during the healing process. Wrist motion is usually decreased due to muscle weakness and soft tissue tightness when a cast is removed. Exercises... Read More »

The colour in my television has gone purple & blue in a circular motion?

TVs have three, green and blue. If you're seeing purple, which is a combination of red and blue, then you're green is missing. There are a lot of possible reasons for this. If it's ... Read More »

Do you find Dead, Impaled, chicken carcasses rotating in a circular motion appetizing?