How to Do a Front Tuck off a Trampoline?

Answer A front tuck is a flip in a tuck position. It is what you would think of as a flip but there are different flips.

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How to Do a Back Tuck on the Trampoline?

So you're sure you can do it? The coaches have told you you can, but your too freaked out? Okay...

How to Do a Front Tuck?

This move, more commonly known as a "front flip", can be exciting and very appealing when done correctly. The good thing is that with enough practice and determination ANYBODY can learn this skill.

How to Do a Front Flip Tuck?

Gymnastics floor routines feature series of twisting and flipping jumps and roundoffs, performed in rapid succession. The tucked front flip is a common maneuver in floor routines in which a perform... Read More »

How to Do a Front Tuck in Gymnastics?

With this article, you will learn how to do a front tuck in gymnastics.