How to Do a Front Hand Spring on the Trampoline?

Answer This article describes performing a front handspring on the trampoline.This article would benefit from step-by-step photos. You can help wikiHow by adding photos to this article. Click here for ins... Read More »

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Is there a dinfference between front spring and back spring on a liner and shader machine?

It depends on what your setting your shader for. Color? Black and grey? Smooth black and gray?If your doing regular black and gray or using color, a long stroke, large gap between front spring and ... Read More »

How to Do a Front Flip on the Trampoline?

Want to be able to flip forwards on the trampoline and land on your feet? Then read on!

How to Do a Front Flip off of a Trampoline?

Well it might sound hard, and it is but with practise you can get it.

How to Do a Front Tuck off a Trampoline?

A front tuck is a flip in a tuck position. It is what you would think of as a flip but there are different flips.