How to Do a Front Brake Job on a 2003 Dodge Ram?

Answer The 2003 Dodge Ram began the third generation of the truck which was available in 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton or 1-ton models. It was also available in two- or four-wheel drive. Replacing the front brakes on ... Read More »

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2003 Dodge Ram Brake Replacement Instructions?

The 2003 Dodge Ram comes in three different sizes: 1500, 2500 and 3500. 1500 is the smallest of the Rams, while the 3500 is the largest. No matter the size, the brake pad replacement process remain... Read More »

How to Do a Front Brake Job on a Dodge Ram?

The front brakes on a Dodge ram use a rotor and caliper assembly to slow the truck down. Hydraulic fluid is forced through steel lines connected to a caliper assembly at each wheel. The caliper ass... Read More »

How to Replace a Front Wheel Hub on a 2003 Dodge Dakota?

The front hub on your Dodge Dakota will need to be removed if it is worn or is making noise. You can take the vehicle to the dealer or a repair shop to fix the problem. However, if you do not want ... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Axle in a 2003 Dodge Truck?

Vehicles are great for moving people and things around. Unfortunately, at some point, vehicles break down and need repair. To prevent vehicles from breaking down, preventative maintenance is perfor... Read More »