How to Do a Forward Flip?

Answer Have you ever wondered how to do a front flip off a diving board so you can impress your friends? Here are some easy steps to show you how:

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How to Do a Forward Flip in the Water?

A forward flip in the water is not all that challenging when you know how to do it. It is a little more challenging than the backflip, but the forward roll may help you if you plan on using it to e... Read More »

How to Forward Flip on a Skateboard?

This trick looks like a Nollie Hardflip, but is done in your normal or goofy stance. It isn't the easiest, but it is "plausible."

How to Forward One and a Half Flip from a Springboard?

Want to know how to forward one and a half flip from a springboard or diving board? Well here's how.

How to Do a Forward One and a Half Flip Dive?

This a very simple but exciting move.