How to Do a Fingerprint Science Project?

Answer Forensic science lends itself to a variety of classroom projects, especially if the focus is on fingerprinting. Explore the gamut of different fingerprint science projects, such as testing how gene... Read More »

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How to Use Fingerprint Analysis in a Middle School Science Project?

Teach students how criminologists use fingerprint analysis in a middle school science project. For over 100 years law enforcement officials have relied on the analysis of latent fingerprints to hel... Read More »

Science Projects on Fingerprint Facts?

With the popularity of television shows such as "CSI," fingerprints are a common subject for science projects. Some projects examine what fingerprints are, while others look at hereditary links in ... Read More »

Science Projects on Fingerprint Patterns?

A fingerprint is an impression of the pattern of lines on the tip of a human finger made on an object it touches. These lines are also known as ridges. Every human being has unique fingerprints and... Read More »

Why time Attendance fingerprint scanners can't take some employees fingerprint?