How to Do a Fingerprint Science Project?

Answer Forensic science lends itself to a variety of classroom projects, especially if the focus is on fingerprinting. Explore the gamut of different fingerprint science projects, such as testing how gene... Read More »

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How to Use Fingerprint Analysis in a Middle School Science Project?

Teach students how criminologists use fingerprint analysis in a middle school science project. For over 100 years law enforcement officials have relied on the analysis of latent fingerprints to hel... Read More »

Science Projects on Fingerprint Patterns?

A fingerprint is an impression of the pattern of lines on the tip of a human finger made on an object it touches. These lines are also known as ridges. Every human being has unique fingerprints and... Read More »

Science Projects on Fingerprint Facts?

With the popularity of television shows such as "CSI," fingerprints are a common subject for science projects. Some projects examine what fingerprints are, while others look at hereditary links in ... Read More »

Winning Science Fair Project Ideas on Earth Science?

Science fair projects give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method by planning and executing their experiments. Projects in earth sciences deal with the age and ... Read More »