How to Do a Fakie Ollie on a Tech Deck?

Answer This trick is one of the hardest tricks to perform. The fake ollie was the improved version of an ollie. A fakie is when you kick backwards on your deck.

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How to Fakie Kickflip on a Tech Deck?

Fakie kick flip is is just the beginning of the hardest trick in tech decking. This has to be practiced to be a perfect trick.

How to Ollie on a Tech Deck?

Use your fingerboard to flip over a pencil or pen and impress everyone at the lunch table. If you keep getting better at it you can even probably find some books you can ollie onto.

How to Do a Mega Ollie on a Tech Deck?

A mega ollie is a complex trick and it may take a while to learn it. You can use three fingers or land sketchy but it won't look nice.

How to Do an Ollie Impossible on a Tech Deck?

A Tech Deck is a fingerboard that you use to do tricks on. This is about an Ollie Impossible, which takes a lot of practice. This is pretty hard to do, but just try it anyway.