How to Do a Fakie Kickflip?

Answer This is Wrock Lee's 'signature' move. It's a hard trick to learn but you can master it.

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How to Fakie Kickflip on a Tech Deck?

Fakie kick flip is is just the beginning of the hardest trick in tech decking. This has to be practiced to be a perfect trick.

How to Do a Nollie 720 Triple Kickflip 180 to Revert to Fakie Boneless?

To prepare for this trick, you need to know how to Nollie, how to 720 Triple Kickflip, how to Revert and how to Fakie Boneless.

How to Fakie 360?

Regular ollies getting too boring for you? Here's how to perform a fakie 360 ollie A.K.A caballerial.

How to Do a Bigspin Fakie?

A fakie bigspin is a 360 shuvit done with a body varial while in fakie.