How to Do a Dobie Curl Set?

Answer A doobie curl set is sometimes called a doobie wrap. It is a method of combing and setting hair by combing it flat in a particular way against the head to get an attractive hairstyle when the hair ... Read More »

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How to Teach Your Dobie?

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Types of Coil Curl & Straw Curl Hair Weaves?

Coil curl and straw curl hair weaves are two very trendy hair weaving styles. Straw curls were made popular by the child actress Shirley Temple and coil curls are best for achieving that classic ro... Read More »

How to Curl Curl-Resistant Hair?

I have struggled with hard-to-curl hair for years. It wasn't until a recent trip to the hair salon that I discovered what the problem was. My stylist told me that my hair was almost too healthy and... Read More »

How to Do Curl Ups?

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