How to Do a Custom Trick on a Skateboard?

Answer This is a trick that might not work with everyone, just keep that in mind, but it is a cool and pretty interesting skateboarding trick!

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How to Do the Sidewalk Jack Skateboard Trick?

Even though this tricks name is Sidewalk Jack, it doesn't have to do with a sidewalk. It's easy and really really simple. You can also call it a casper stall 180.

How to Perform a Unique Skateboard Trick?

This trick is quite cool looking and is great for beginners as you don't need to ollie, you just need good balance.

How to Do a Cool Freestyle Trick on a Skateboard?

A Freestyle trick is often done on the spot and not while you're moving, but sometimes exceptions can be made.

How to Trick Friends with the 5000 Number Adding Trick?

Trick your friends with some clever adding up–or not so clever as you'll be hoping to trip them up!