How to Do a Credit Check on a Company?

Answer Business owners need to run credit checks on other companies before deciding whether to offer credit terms when selling business-to-business. Businesses also run credit checks on themselves to catc... Read More »

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How to Check a Company's Credit Report?

Businesses have the ability to become an entity that is completely separate from their owner or owners by obtaining a federal tax ID number. This means that businesses have their own company credit... Read More »

How to Check a Company's Credit Rating?

Small and large businesses seek various methods of securing credit terms for products and services to improve their cash flow. Industry standards of thirty- and sixty-day payment terms can provide ... Read More »

Do I need a company credit card to check in at a hotel?

Hotel check-ins do not depend upon payment with a company credit card. However, if you do not pay by this method, you may have trouble being reimbursed by your company if you're staying at the hote... Read More »

Can a major credit card company garnish an SSI check?

Major credit card companies cannot garnish a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) check. However, credit card companies can go to court, obtain a money judgment and use this to order a bank to freeze... Read More »