How to Do a Coontail in Bangs?

Answer Coontail bangs are a hair coloring technique designed to mimic the bands of color found on raccoons. Coontail bangs are achieved with two different colors of hair dye. Each color is applied in sepa... Read More »

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How to Get Coontail Hair?

Coontail hair is a section of hair that has stripes like a racoon's tail. This style is being worn by scene kids who want a new twist to the emo, goth or other scene hairstyles. Coontail stripes ar... Read More »

How to Dye Your Hair in a Rainbow Coontail?

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How to Make Scene Coontail Stripes?

Scene coontail stripes are sectioned-off areas of hair striped with one or several colors. People usually do this on the sides or in the back of their hair. Scene coontail stripes are a craze among... Read More »

How to Make Striped Scene Clip in Coontail Extensions?

Coontails are a big part of the scene girl hairstyle. Many girls get theirs permanently dyed in but others prefer not to. This is where clip in coontail extensions come in handy. You can buy them a... Read More »