How to Do a Cone Hairstyle?

Answer Spice up a casual look or add an extra sense of flair and style to a formal look by wearing a cone hairstyle. The late Amy Winehouse wore this particular look often and helped to make it a trendy s... Read More »

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How to Get Your Cat Into a Cone of Shame (Cone Collar)?

You come in from the vet with the cat in one hand and the cone collar in the other. You try stuffing the cone on the cat but you end up with many scratches and scars. How will you get this thing on... Read More »

How to Measure a Cone?

The cone is one of the basic geometric shapes that teachers have been tasking their students with understanding for ages. Finding the volume and/or the surface area of a cone is the general gist of... Read More »

How to Make a Cone?

Making the cone for bottle rockets may be easy, but doing it can also be hard. What most people make it out of is poster board.

Parts of a Cone?

A cone is an interesting part of three-dimensional geometry. Three-dimensional geometry is made of two-dimensional shapes put together. For example, a cube is six squares put together to make a sol... Read More »