How to Do a Clay Kitty Litter Facial?

Answer Want beautiful skin without the price tag? A kitty litter (clay based) facial will help you.

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Can you use clay kitty litter for guinea pig cages?

Clay kitty litter bedding can be harmful to your guinea pig. The clay is quite dusty and can cause respiratory problems. Clumping cat litter can be particularly harmful. Not only is it dusty, but i... Read More »

Kitty Litter Facial Treatments?

Although the idea of using kitty litter as a beauty treatment may be disconcerting, it's an effective means of reducing toxins in the skin and tightening pores. Unscented kitty litter is typically ... Read More »

How do I get rid of mice with kitty litter?

Collection of LitterUse rubber or latex gloves and a kitty litter scoop to collect small clumps of urine-soaked kitty litter. Any type of clumping litter will work. Place two to three clumps in a p... Read More »

How to Choose a Kitty Litter?

You have your own home and you have your own ways. So does your feline friend. Cats will usually do there business with any kind of kitty litter, but it depends on what the after effect is after th... Read More »