How to Do a Casper and Anti Casper?

Answer Ever wanted to do the Casper or Anti-Casper but always failed? Try these beginner's way!

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How to Anti Casper to Casper Flip?

you are just skating along and you need an easy trick to pull offor your playing a game of skate and you need a trick that almost no one knows does or even can do but with these steps you should be... Read More »

How to Do a Halo Flip or Anti Casper on a Tech Deck?

Have you ever wondered how to anti casper on a tech deck or aka halo flip? Follow this step by step how to to learn how to!

How to Casper?

A Casper is a skateboarding trick where your back foot is on the tail when the board is upside down and your front foot is under the grip tape and board. It requires a lot of practice and balance, ... Read More »

How to Do a Casper Trick?

A lot of people wish they were as good at freestyle as Rodney Mullen try this trick!