How to Do a Card Trick to Win a Bet?

Answer These card tricks will get you money for sure.

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How to Do the David Blaine "See a Card" Card Trick?

Remember when David Blaine took a deck of cards and flipped them, asking you to try and see a card? Then he picked out the card you saw? This article will teach you how to do that trick.

How to Do a 2 Card Monte Card Trick?

This is a simple trick: the performer gives the spectator a heart (say it is an ace of hearts) face down between the thumb and index finger. The performer then gives the spectator a diamond (the ac... Read More »

How to Do the This'n'that Card Trick?

There is a card trick commonly known as the this'n'that trick. This article will explain how to practice the trick. It involves 3 blank faced playing cards. In the trick, you tell a story that invo... Read More »

How to Do the "Is This Your Card" Trick?

This trick is really famous. You can do it too!