How to Do a Card Trick 333?

Answer Do you want to impress your friends? If you do read this. It will tell you how to do an easy but cool card trick. It is only cool if you do it right. If you get it right then you can impress your f... Read More »

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How to Do the David Blaine "See a Card" Card Trick?

Remember when David Blaine took a deck of cards and flipped them, asking you to try and see a card? Then he picked out the card you saw? This article will teach you how to do that trick.

How to Do a 2 Card Monte Card Trick?

This is a simple trick: the performer gives the spectator a heart (say it is an ace of hearts) face down between the thumb and index finger. The performer then gives the spectator a diamond (the ac... Read More »

How to Do the This'n'that Card Trick?

There is a card trick commonly known as the this'n'that trick. This article will explain how to practice the trick. It involves 3 blank faced playing cards. In the trick, you tell a story that invo... Read More »

How to Do the "Is This Your Card" Trick?

This trick is really famous. You can do it too!