How to Do a Burpee?

Answer The Burpee is an exercise which tones and strengthens the whole body. The exercise includes squats, pushups, and a form of jumping jacks.

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Who owns burpee seeds?

As of June 2010, horticulturist George Ball is the owner, chairman and CEO of Burpee. W. Atlee Burpee started the company in 1876. Burpee is the largest garden company in North America that produce... Read More »

How to Plant Burpee Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes?

The Burpee Better Boy Hybrid is an indeterminate type of tomato. This means the plants will grow continuously and need to have cages around them to help support the fruit, which takes 72 days to ma... Read More »

Are Burpee organic seeds certified?

Burpee listed 38 kinds of herb and vegetable seeds that were labeled "certified organic" for sale on its Spring 2010 website. Also listed were 80 other kinds of fruit, herb and vegetable seeds labe... Read More »