How to Do a Bigspin Fakie?

Answer A fakie bigspin is a 360 shuvit done with a body varial while in fakie.

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How to Do a Fakie Late FS Bigspin?

This is a tech trick and should only take about a day to learn. It's not a hard trick, and it looks very cool in a line. Amaze your friends.

How to Do a Bigspin Flip on a Skateboard?

Learn how to spin the skate board all it is is a complete big spin flip that's it on a tree. This should only be attempted by advanced skateboarders, who can at least do the following: kick flip, v... Read More »

How to Fakie 360?

Regular ollies getting too boring for you? Here's how to perform a fakie 360 ollie A.K.A caballerial.

How to Do a Fakie Kickflip?

This is Wrock Lee's 'signature' move. It's a hard trick to learn but you can master it.