How to Do a Bb Sneak Attack?

Answer have you ever wanted o sneak attack someone with a BB gun well i was able to so what makes you different

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How to Do a Sneak Attack?

You are walking in the street. Then, suddenly, you see a mean-looking dude approaching your girlfriend in a dark alley, your GF cowering in fear. Uh oh! She's in trouble. The villain doesn't know y... Read More »

Which attack warning signal means attack by ground force is imminent or in progress?

My husband recently had a very major heart attack. As he was alone when the attack occured, he didn't get to?

there are several factors, if he went to a good hospital and has a good doctor and is willing to make the changes in his lifestyle the doctor will tell him to, then pretty good. my grandmother actu... Read More »

Why male get more heart attack and female get less attack?

Due to the difference in HDL Level.female have more HDL level in blood than male..& it is the only good cholestrole in blood...which helps in fat female have less chance of heart att... Read More »