How to Do a Backfoot Heelflip on a Fingerboard?

Answer Here is how to do a backfoot heelflip on a tech deck or a fingerboard.

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How to Side Heelflip on a Fingerboard?

A simple trick if you are learning how to play with fingerboards and try out tricks.

How to 360 Heelflip?

A trick less known than the 360 flip much harder and more impressive is the 360 heel flip also called the lazer(laser) flipfollowing these tips will help you learn it easy

How to Varial Heelflip?

The Varial Heel flip, when done correctly, looks beautiful. It is a trick that can amaze a lot of people. Not exactly easy though. It is recommended that the trick be practiced while in place and m... Read More »

How to Do a Fakie Heelflip?

Before trying to learn a fakie heelflip, you must learn how to do a heelflip in regular stance. Also you need to learn how to ride fakie.