How to Do a Back Tuck Basket Toss?

Answer A basket toss is a basic cheerleading stunt that can be modified to fit into almost any routine. A back tuck basket toss, which is an illegal move for high school cheerleaders, is a more difficult ... Read More »

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How to Do a Basket Toss?

This describes how to complete a basket toss. A basket toss is a stunt used in cheerleading that is very impressive, but you must complete with caution. You also must be flexible and light because ... Read More »

How to Do a Basket Toss in Cheerleading?

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How to Do a Round Off Back Hand Spring Back Tuck?

This will show you how to do a round off backhand spring back tuck!

How to Do a Round off Back Handspring Back Tuck on the Floor?

Roundoff back handspring back tucks are really fun but take lots of practice. You should first practice on a tumble track, mat, or grass before you do it on a hard surface with no give in it. Do it... Read More »