How to Do a 5 Strand French Plait?

Answer Update your classic french plaitA more intricate version of the classic french plait. Your hair must be at least shoulder length to wear this style.

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How to Make a Four-Strand Square Plait?

Plaiting or braiding the hair is an easy way to keep it out of the way and make it look great at the same time. A four-strand braid has a square cross-section, formed by taking the rightmost strand... Read More »

How to Tie a French Plait?

A French plait is a hair style that ties the hair by wrapping three section of hair over one another to form a braid. French plaits, or braids, can be incorporated into casual styles or into elegan... Read More »

How to French Plait Your Own Hair?

The French plait (or French braid) is a very pretty hairstyle, but doing your own French plaits takes practice. Brush your hair really well before starting, and have an elastic band ready to secure... Read More »

Can you do a french plait on your own head Have you any tips?

A lot of people do, my daughter can, and it amazes me how she does it.But the knack seems to be in being very dexterous with the hands, keeping the strands of hair pulled taut, and being quick abou... Read More »