How to Do Your Own Sculptured Nails?

Answer Sculptured nail enhancement popularity stems from the fact that this type of nails impart strength, durability, and flexibility. In addition to long nails in about an hour, sculptured nails may als... Read More »

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Difference Between Acrylic & Sculptured Nails?

Artificial nails are used by women as a semi-permanent alternative to the simple manicure. Fake nails can either be acrylic or sculptured, with plenty of room for creativity with nail polish color ... Read More »

Are acrylic gel nails or silk wrapped artificial nails better for your real nails?

Here is more information about Gel and Acrylic nail'm a nail technician and to be honest, they're both going to damage your natural nail bed.A... Read More »

Does gel nails make your nails longer ?

just leave your nails alone and they will grow mine did =]

Do acrylic nails ruin your natural nails?

An acrylic nail treatment is an artificial nail application meant to enhance the appearance of one's natural fingernails. It consists of an acrylic powder that is typically white, pink or clear in ... Read More »