How to Do Your No Shower, No Excuses Workout?

Answer You won't need this outfit or a change!Got your deal with no excuses: no lying on the floor, no sweat, no cost, no equipment, no guru, no training, no change, no outfit, no hot-shoes, no over-work,... Read More »

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Why will a shower curtain fly toward the shower when the shower is running and hang straight down when it is off?

When you have a hot shower steam is generated and, because it is warmer than the surrounding air, it rises. As the steam flows upwards, cooler air flows in to the lower level of the shower. If the ... Read More »

Funny Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework?

Many students consistently turn in homework on time, but still many others do not, offering up funny and frequently transparent excuses. Whether the excuse is a truth, a lie, a crazy implausibility... Read More »

How to Give Valid Excuses?

Lots of work!Too much to do, not enough time to do it all? Give a believable excuse that won't hurt your reputation and will allow you to make it right.

How to Stop Making Excuses Not to Jog?

Jogging is a healthy activity that helps to improve your cardiovascular system, helps you to lose weight, and helps you to keep in shape.[1] In addition, it helps to increase your stamina and endur... Read More »