How to Do Your Homework Without Being Disturbed?

Answer Want to do your homework in peace? But just can't? Well then this is for you! Below I have some tips on what you should do to do all your homework without being disturbed. Remember homework is a bi... Read More »

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How to Help an Emotionally Disturbed Dog?

So you go to the pound and pick out a cute little puppy; when you get it home you can tell it is depressed and sad. That should make you feel a little sad yourself, if you are a decent person. So t... Read More »

Signs of an Emotionally Disturbed Kid?

Emotional disturbance is a condition that can sometimes mimic depression in children, and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an educational disability. There are several behaviora... Read More »

What horror movie disturbed you the most?

Requiem for a Dream. Not a horror movie, but really scary and disturbing.

How to Not Get Disturbed by Shock Media?

Breathe easy: Tell me this is not true...Did you ever see a disgusting shock image some "no good punk" sent you as a prank? Ever see some unexpected pictures on TV? Or did you just not expect somet... Read More »