How to Do Your Hair for Guys?

Answer Guys can be tentative about their hair. A lot of them roll out of bed in the morning and their hair is ready for the day. Others don't have a clue of what to do with it even if they wanted to chan... Read More »

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Polls and Surveys: Hair-chested guys, medium hair chested guys or no hair on the chest?

just an tiny bit ,no hair seems gay, and lots seems like a monkey

Guys do you prefer girls with straight hair or curly hair, blonde or brunette?

Depends on the person,and the way you like it duh! Don't you know its obvious! But anyways I like my hair curly and brunette. I hate blonde with straight hair and blonde with curls. I like my hair ... Read More »

Do girls really like messing with their hair daily If they had choice, would they want short hair like guys?

i do like to do my hair every day when i get good results. Right now my hair is in an in between stage and it's very unmanageable and it does make me want to cut my hair off, but not really.

Poll : Do guys like girls with loose hair or tied hair?

Loose hair. Coz girls luks attractive wid loose hair den tied hair.. Looks independent