How to Do Your Hair for Guys?

Answer Guys can be tentative about their hair. A lot of them roll out of bed in the morning and their hair is ready for the day. Others don't have a clue of what to do with it even if they wanted to chan... Read More »

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POLL for GUYS: Are you self conscious about your ear hair not matching your nose hair?

I never use to trim my ear hair until a gorgeous redhead asked me one day where I purchased my furry ipod earphones from and I don't think the classy ladies mind the nose hair.

Polls and Surveys: Hair-chested guys, medium hair chested guys or no hair on the chest?

just an tiny bit ,no hair seems gay, and lots seems like a monkey

How to Braid Your Own Hair for Guys?

Whether you are a man or a woman, the process behind braiding your hair is the same. It's a matter of separating the hair into distinct portions and folding them over one another in a specific patt... Read More »

How often do you guys wash your hair?

I try to wash it every morning. If you're not into that, and your hair starts to turn greasy, you can put baby powder in your hair. By putting baby powder in your hair and rubbing it in, the powd... Read More »