How to Do Your Hair While You Sleep?

Answer Many people spend hours preparing their hair in the morning in an attempt to get it just right for the day ahead. Rather than spending all that time in the morning, prepare your hair the night befo... Read More »

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I read if you wash your hair and go to sleep with wet hair that you go crazy. this is a philippino superstiti?

How to Sleep in Hair Curlers?

Sleeping with your hair in hair curlers can save you time when attempting to add curls to your hairstyle. Instead of needing to wake up earlier than normal, you can simply set your hair in the curl... Read More »

Is it wrong to sleep when hair is wet?

I think so, some of my relatives say that ant`s will go on your head, Lol.But just in case, I blow dry my hair. I don`t want any bug`s climbing up of my head!

Why do We Need to Scarf Our Hair Before We Go to Sleep?

Although many women tend to go to bed with their hair simply down or up in a ponytail, sleeping with a scarf in your hair can help maintain healthy hair and keep it tame. If you want to promote the... Read More »