How to Do Your Eye Make Up, to Make Green Eyes Pop?

Answer Green eyes are probably the easiest to make stand out. There are many colors that can make green eyes pop. Does this Spark an idea?

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Can blue eyes and hazel eyes make green eyes?

No, an offspring will inherit both genes of eye colour from your their mum or their dad but only one will be dominant, so you only get either your mums eyes or your dads. However you could carry a ... Read More »

Can blue eyes and brown eyes make green eyes?

Im not too sure but my mum has light blue eyes and my dad has brown and i ended up with dark blue. answer:yes they can my mother has bright blue eyes and my father has dark brown eyes and i have ja... Read More »

How to make green eyes "POP"?

Use brown liner and smudge it with a brush (like soften the liner) - do this on your top lashes and right on your bottom.. Then take a shimmery light brown and put a little on above the top liner..... Read More »

Make-up for green eyes?

ohhh definitelyBROWN eyeliner, not black. dark brown. purple, or tans for eyeshadow.. i use this AMAZING sparkly dark tan it looks amazing! and black mascara. GREAT combo Read More »