How to Do Yoga from Your Work Place?

Answer To avoid body pain and remain calm and focused, you can do simple yoga from your desk.

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From where does Yoga got its name "yoga" what is the difference between yoga and exercise?

The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word ”yuj,” which means ”to unify” or ”to yoke.” This origin of the word ”yoga” and the practice of yoga are closely related, since ... Read More »

Your son is 18 with type 1 diabetes he is being discriminating from his work place? is your son??? Maybe you should focus on him and his needs and put that in front of how much you can get, "PAID," from this tragedy.

How to Prepare for Your First Yoga Class at a Yoga Studio?

To prepare for your first yoga class at a yoga studio, find out about the standard practices at the particular studio. For example, you may need to bring your own yoga mat or possess a certain leve... Read More »

How often do you work out in a week What are your favourite workout activities (e.g gym, yoga, swimming)?

5 days a week, and alternates between running and pumping iron at the gym. For workouts, it's recommended that you work only one part of your body per day, and rest adequately before you start anot... Read More »