How to Do White Star Nails?

Answer If you are going to a place where an elegant nail design is needed, this design is perfect! This is one of my favorite design because it is so simple, yet beautiful and perfect for all occasions! R... Read More »

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Is the sun a yellow star or a white star?

Stars are classified by how bright they are and their temperature, according to Enchanted Learning. Our Sun is a type G yellow dwarf but will turn into a faint, white dwarf when it runs out of fuel... Read More »

How to Get Nails White?

Nail polish is a low-cost and quick way to change your look. Because of this, women tend to wear nail polish often and for long periods of time. Sometimes, pigments in the nail polish can cause nai... Read More »

How Can I Get My Nails Clean and White?

While just about everybody knows how to trim their nails with clippers, proper nail care involves much more than that. Having clean, nicely manicured fingernails is an important part of your overal... Read More »

How to get rid of white spots on my nails?

If what you're talking about is the same thing as what I'm thinking about, it's caused by lack of calcium. You should drink 3 glasses of milk a day and they'll be gone.