How to Do Well on a Soccer Team when You've Never Played Before?

Answer Playing soccer is easy- playing soccer well is another story, but can be done even if you're a beginner, especially if you are in shape, fast, and athletic.

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How many times has the Italian soccer team played the Australian soccer team?

The Italian soccer team has played the Australian soccer team only once in official international competition. That encounter took place during the 2006 World Cup Finals in Germany. Despite the Aus... Read More »

What team played in the first game of soccer?

Modern soccer can trace its history to the formation of the Football Association in 1863. With the creation of the Challenge Cup, what would become the FA Cup, the first-ever games could arguably h... Read More »

I never lifted weights before i did thursday with my basketball team n I'm still sore is it normal?

Yes it's very normal. Just drink a lot of water. And make sure you're not lifting too much for yourself to handle. It means your muscles are getting stronger.

Can you be pregnant if you started spotting before your period and this never happened before and when it does it only last 1 and a half day?

Answer That can be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be just spotting. Take a home pregnancy test or go see a doctor for a blood test.