How to Do Well on Math Contests Like the AMC?

Answer Maybe you are looking to make a 250 USAMO index this year. Or maybe you just want to qualify for the AIME. Regardless, here are a few tips. WARNING: Only for the truly obsessed with math contests. ... Read More »

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How to Do Really Well on a Math Exam?

Math exams can require a little more preparation than other subjects because students must do more than just memorize facts. They must make sure they understand the concepts being taught. To do wel... Read More »

So I'm like "it's itchy", and the doctor is like "well don't scratch it, bro". Is he a good doctor?

Yo pal, Why do we keep having similar problems? I had that a few years ago. - As you know if you google "rash" there are about 20 different reasons a person gets a rash or has itchy skin. My doc... Read More »

How to Look Like You Can Fight Well?

Do people bother you? Do you get scared while walking alone? You need to be able to look like you can fight to avoid issues with people bothering you.

Do you feel like vomiting as well?

Awesome. I thought I'd never get to use my "angry guy throwing up" emoticon again.